Signature Analysis

What is Signature Analysis ?

Signature Analysis Signature is like a snapshot of your personality. Do you know when you sign your name in a personal or professional communication unknowingly you disclose much more about yourself, than you want to. The way you write your letters small or large, dark or light, curved or angled, it gives a great insight into your character and your innermost thoughts. Writing reveals a lot about your temperament and nature. The way you sign your name represents about your personality traits enormously. Signature is considered as an image, the writer wants to show to the outer world. It acts as a writer's calling card and is a means by which the writer wants the world to see him/her. Signature Analysis is based on seven components which are
1. Size of the Signature
2. Slant of the Signature
3. Use and Size of the first name and the last name
4. Underlining in the signature
5. Size of the first letter of the signature
6. Loops or backward strokes in the signature
7. Use of Dots in the signature
8. Nadi A signature is illegible when the people have a great difficulty in reading the name.
An illegible signature tells that the writer has a desire to be seen but he/she does not prefer to be noticed or known. The writer loves to keep things in private and desires to keep his/her true identity unknown. An illegible signature also means that the writer seems to be in hurry. A person who has to sign plenty of time in a day often signs in a rush, and does not care about the signature legibility. Therefore it is important to combine other traits of the handwriting to do the right analysis.