Vastu Vigyan

What is Vastu Vigyan ?

Vaastu Vigyan Vastu stands for balance and a harmonious environment.Vastu is derived from the root sanskrit word VAAS.Which means to reside our body,as also the whole universe,is made up of five elements like Air,Water,Fire,Earth and Space. Vastu is based on the principles of maintaining a balance of these five elements in the proper directions.When we build a structure the flow and availability of all the energies are not harmonious in structure,vastu defects are created and our life becomes difficult. If there is harmony in all energies we say there is a positive environment. and if there is disharmony,we say negative environment. In simple form,Vastu can be called the science of architecture. Vastu involves the orientation of the house to the direction,the dimensions of the structure,space,rooms,kitchens,allocated floors,bathrooms,dining area,design of the main gate. As the energy of the sun benefits everyone so do the principles of vastu influence people of all religions. Various cosmic energies are at work in this universe and they release positive and negative energies.Vastu helps us to stop the negative forces and flow the positive ones.According principle of vastu leads to a peaceful living which increase strength in our body.These directions are related to sun,not only in vastu.These are 16 directions(Zones) like East, West, North, South, North east, North west, South east, South west then their sub divisions, North north east, East north east, East south east, South south east, South south west, West south west, West north west, North north west. A compass covers a total of 360 degrees with its radius,90 degree aloted to four directions( N,E,W,S) 45 degrees aloted next four directions( NE,NW,SE,SW),22.5 degree aloted next eight directions(NNE,ENE,ESE,SSE,SSW,WSW,WNW,NNW)